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Frequently Asked Questions:

I placed my cell phone in the Blackout Ultra Thick zip lock protection bag and it rang does this mean my device is not protected?

Unfortunately there is a plethora of misinformation created by our competitors, social media influencers and prepping sites regarding the purpose of a Faraday Cage and how testing is achieved. Microwave signals generated from Cell phones, Blue Tooth, WiFi and GPS are unrelated to this testing procedure. It requires professional, expensive and highly sensitive equipment to test and subject the surfaces of Faraday bags and their capacity to route high voltages around their interiors , and cannot be achieved with a simple phone signal strength testing app. The wavelength of a radio signal does not speak to the voltage intensity of its electrical source, an overage (or underage) of which is what actually destroys micro or macro electronic circuitry. A mesh cloth impregnated with copper, nickel or other conductive metals may adequately attenuate low voltage cellular carrier radio signals but be completely ineffective at protecting the sensitive circuitry of a modern device. This is self evident in the fact that using your smart phone does not destroy itself, or others in its immediate vicinity. It is voltage that is the danger. There are privacy pouches and Faraday cages, each have their place and usage. Companies that oversimplify this challenge should be avoided at all costs.

The tracking number for my order shows that is has been delivered but I did not receive my item, what should I do now?

Be sure to check your porch as well as your mailbox. If your package is not in either of those locations, you should check with family members and friends who may have accepted the delivery on your behalf. Also be sure to check with your neighbors to make sure the item wasn’t mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. Next, check with your local USPS, UPS, or FedEx facility so they can contact their driver via dispatch to inform them of the potential mistake. If after following the above steps you are unsuccessful you can go the contact page of this website for further assistance. We have all experienced the poor performance of todays shipping options, and we will get your product to you if all else fails with a new shipment right away.

I placed my cell phone in the Blackout Privacy Pouch bag and it rang, does this mean my item is defective?

Blackout Privacy Pouches have two sections, one for shielding and one for storage that is not shielded for cell phone transmissions. Please place your device in the correct section of the privacy pouch, make sure the pouch is properly closed, and try a call again. In most cases this will resolve the issue.